TP Agencies was established in 1993 Specializing in Adhesives, sealants and tapes. Brand names include Dow Corning, JC5A, Loctite, LPS, Mastinox, Molykote, PRC, Rocol, RTV and Skydrol - this is just a few. Products include Polyurethane (Blade) Tape, Radome Boots,  EC776, EC1300L, EC2216, Roloc Abrasives and Scotchbrite.
We carry an extensive range of products which meet different aerospace approved specifications - Military and / or FAR  and / or Manufacturers’ e.g. BMS and AMS.


Why use aerospace grade adhesives, sealants and tapes?

The products we present are heavy-duty and high quality. They are designed for temporary and minor repairs involving high-speed applications.
Some people assume that aerospace adhesives, sealants and tapes are the same as normal adhesives, sealants and tapes. While they have a similar appearance, they are two different types of adhesives, sealants and tapes. Our products are typically thicker and stronger than the household counter part.

Specialised adhesives, sealants and tapes


Adhesives are classified by their adhesion principles, based on the chemical properties of the adhesive itself.


The aerospace industry utilizes vehicles that must function at peak performance levels in environments with extreme temperatures and pressures.